I grew tall in the damp fields of Ohio, between the tree limbs of a pine, fingers caught

rummaging through the candles and vases that filled mom’s cupboard. I’ve felt heavy

emptiness under the expansive sky, and desperately far from the horizon. I grew thin in a dense

religion; between ideas of Spirit and Virgin and a Bloody Lamb. I wanted none of it and all of it.

I have always had questions about the edges, about the limits of the horizon, body and earth,

Spirit and flesh, you and me. My current work reflects my material inquiries about these

boundaries with spatial frustration and color specificity.

More recently, my work has been investigating the space that objects fill, the space between

the objects, and what constitutes the space in and around them. These painting are not made

about imagery from my life, but imagery of life; of the way it is to be in the world. They open

questions about how separate the elements of a life really are, about what constitutes the

spaces between elements, about the place where Spirit and flesh meet.

(updated 02/14/19)